Thursday, 29 September 2011


OMG! You will not understand my excitement when this grey and pink box arrived at my doorstep with mr postman...  I was actually squealing with excitement saying "Glossybox" "Glossybox is here"     I was incredibly happy to finally have my box which I subscribed to waaay back in June. Heres some photos of the box as it came and after opening etc! Enjoy xxxx

Here is a picture of the box, eeeeee!!!!

The pretty packaging inside... makes you feel truely spoilt!!
Don't you just fall in love with the packaging itself?!

Here is a photo of my contents inside of Glossybox!!
 A M A Z I N G

When I first looked inside the box I was absolutely over the moon with the HD Brows kit and the Neal and Wolf Shine Spray, but since then and trying every product I have fallen in love over and over with every single product in this box.. I am so pleased with it!!

My products are;

                      Spa Magik Salt Brushing Scrub
                HD Brows - Bombshell
                         Neal and Wolf - Shine Spray
                                                              Green People - Fruitful nights eye,face and neck cream
                                          Plum Perfume - By Mary Greenwell

Thankyou GLOSSYBOX team!!!

If you have never properly heard of/checked out, go to; .. you know that you want to!!

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